Product Design

inJoy - Life Improvement Application

My Role
Product Designer
July-Aug 2020

inJoy - Life Improvement App Prototype

inJoy is a life improvement app designed to enhance users' daily lives through interactive games and digital activities.

  • Purpose: Create an engaging tool for personal growth and well-being, specifically for public library visitors.
  • Client Concept: Developed from initial sketches provided by the client, aiming to attract investors and secure funding.
  • My Role:
    • Transformed sketches into a polished, interactive Figma prototype.
    • Enhanced usability and visual appeal for investor presentations.
  • Target Audience: Visitors of public libraries, providing accessible resources for life improvement.
  • Outcome: Delivered a professional, interactive prototype that effectively showcases the app's potential to investors.
"David is extremely responsive and finds creative ways to solve. Would recommend David for design projects and prototype design."

Dave Degrancamp, CEO at inJoy

Illustrations from unDraw
Sub categories of Activities
A well known design pattern (music player) that users are familiarised with.
Goal setting made easy!
Track your progress.
How do you feel today?
Boost your motivation here.
Brain teaser to sharp your mind!
Text editor with AI integration to get ideas