Product Design

Manuscria AI

My Role
Product Designer
March-Apr 2024


Manuscria is a web application designed to analyze manuscripts using AI technology.

  • Objective: Create a concept design to visualize the interface and user experience, providing a foundation for further development.
  • Key Features:
    • Manuscript uploader
    • AI-based analysis
    • Visualization of insights
    • User interaction capabilities
  • Outcome: Delivered a concept design that showcases the potential of Manuscria, emphasizing a user-friendly interface and effective AI integration for manuscript analysis.
"David is professional and super enthusiastic. He over-delivered on the job. I love how passionate and motivated he was. He really took the time to understand the business behind the design. He was really good at proposing solutions and solving challenges. I highly recommend working with David if you have the chance."

Mathieu Trachino, Product owner at Manuscria

Drag and drop functionality.
How extensive will the analysis be?
Use AI to navigate through the analysis.